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SWR804 80/400 SkyWatcher refractor. With photo mount, metal focuser and Starpointer, but without other accessories
Lacerta SWR804 -SkyWatcher -SkyWatcher
Diam.: 080
Focus: 0400
Mount: ota
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129,-€ Kosárba

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HORIZONT-80 Refractor(refr-080-hor)

The Horizont 80 (or 80/400 Sky-Watcher) is a real travelscope because of its extremely short tube. The 8cm objective lens gathers enough light for low light conditions and astronomical purposes. The AZ-3 mount is optimized for daytime use as well, and provides slow motion controls on both axes, while the aluminium legs provide better stability than the other tripods. The telescope can be well used for observing the Moon, planets or brighter stellar clusters. The two Barium eyepieces included provide 20x and 40x magnification.

This small telescope is a real alternative to spotting scopes. No limitations on photographic possibilities, and also the fixed zoom range can be easily exceeded. By using the 8-24mm zoom eyepiece (optional accessoire) this scope can be converted to a 17-50x80 spotting scope.

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SWR804az3 169,-€
80/400 (Horizont-80) SkyWatcher refractor on AZ3 mount. Accessories included: 6x30 finderscope, Barium eyepieces 25mm (16x) and 10mm (40x), erecting Amici star diagonal
Optical accessoires
GL6 39,-€
6mm LEW GoldLine FV=66 deg
GL9 39,-€
9mm LEW GoldLine FV=66 deg
GL15 39,-€
15mm LEW GoldLine FV=66 deg
GL20 39,-€
20mm LEW GoldLine FV=66 deg
amici45 35,-€
Erecting Amici diagonal in metal housing (45 deg) for 1.25" focuser
Filterset1 59,-€
Planet filter set: 5pcs color and 1 neutral (M28,5x0,6)
NF080r 12,-€
Solar filter film in holder for 70/500, 70/900, 80/400 and 80/900 refactors
Zoom824 89,-€
Synta 8-24 zoom eyepiece enhanced quality
Duhc1 42,-€
Deep Sky UHC deepsky filter for 1.25" eyepieces
T2eos 20,-€
Bayonett adaptor T2 (internal thread) to Canon EOS bayonett
T2nikon 20,-€
Bayonett adaptor T2 (internal thread) to Nikon bayonett
ScopC 109,-€
ScopiumCam for planetphotography (31,7mm, IR Blockfilter,with Sony HAD CCD Chip)
Books, Charts, Software
VZPL 12,-€
Rotatable waterproof starmap with latin constellation names and introduction in Hungarian
VZP1 19,-€
Celestial map (size 83x123cm, with titles in German or Hungarian)
VZP3 19,-€
Celestial atlas for small telescopes (Vizi Peter, Geobook)
LAMP2 25,-€
Observing lamp (white and red colour, adjustable brightness)

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