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Katalog herunterladen (48 Seiten) - Naturephotography - Panorama - (Crown / foto-pano-mech)

Crown Crown disc for Merlin head
Lacerta Crown BTC BTC
Category: plate
Controlling: x
Capacity: 2kg
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45,-€ Kosárba

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MERLIN Pano-Head(foto-pano-mech)

Mechanical parts for Merlin and Allview heads
YouTube Link with UrsaMinor BlueTooth Interface, Crown-Adapter and Balance-Plate:

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Mounts and mechanical accessoires
PLATL 39,-€
L-shaped photo platform for single arm mounts (Porta, MFF or AutoTrek)
PLATL-128 54,-€
L-shaped photo platform (128mm wide) for single arm mounts (Porta, Port-3, AZ4, Merlin)
SINmer 49,-€
DISCONTINUED: Balancing rail for Merlin (to be placed on the camera), 18cm
SINmerL 59,-€
DISCONTINUED: Balancing rail for Merlin (to be placed on the camera), 28cm
MERLIN 159,-€
Merlin multi-function photo head with dual axis motor drives, optimized for panoramaphotography (without tripod and plate)
MERLINset 289,-€
Allview 399,-€
Allview multi-function photo head with GoTo Handbox (incl. Time Lapse), optimized for panoramaphotography, with steel-tripod and PLATL3 plate)
Mechanical accessoires
ATDCUmi 87,-€
Autotrack Dobson - USB combined GoTo and autoguider interface with USB connectivity (for use without hand controller) and EOS expuse controller for Ursa Minor Pro software (also for Merlin!)
MFbox3 189,-€
SynScan (version 3.x) hand controller for Autotrack GoTo or Skywatcher Dobson-Goto
PanoCont 219,-€
PanoCont Stand Alone Controller for Merlin head - made in Hungary

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