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MC3 UrsaMinor MC3 controller (incl. Configuration-software, Autoguider-port and DSLR-controlling)
Lacerta MC3 UrsaMinor UrsaMinor
Category: interface
Controlling: computer
Capacity: 1,8A
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599,-€ Kosárba

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UrsaMinor MC3 controller(montz-emulator-hu)

UrsaMinor MC3  controller

UrsaMinor MC3 is an universal stepper motor controller. Designed for astronomical telescope mounts, but it is more universal: Can be used to control panoramic photo heads and custom made timelapse devices also.


-Supporting two stepper motors: 2 phase, 1400mA peak, max. 3A per winding.
-Resolution: Full step to 64x microstep (automatic)
-Smooth running, acceleration, deceleration.
-Precise positioning (goto)
-Totally parallel operation: Running two motors, transmit and receive data through the serial interfaces at the same time.
-Flexible configuration: current limit, resolution, acceleration parameters, deceleration parameters, speed limit values can be configured independently for the motors.
-Freeware Windows based program for testing and configuration.
-Three protocols: Ursa Minor native, emulated Synta Skywatcher EQ5 protocol, basic Meade commands (only for autoguiding).
-Compatible with Synscan hand control
-Supported by Ursa Minor Pro program (native) and with most of the popular astro softwares through the freeware EQMOD Ascom driver.


The device can be configured to best fit to the characteristics of the motors and the mount. The "Motor controller configuration" software can be downloaded from
After you configured the controller, push the "Write to EEPROM" button to save setting to the controllers internal Flash memory. At the next startup the controller will operate with the new settings.

UrsaMinor MC3  controller

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UrsaMinor MC3 controller with UrsaMinorPRO GoTo Planetariumsoftware (incl. Configuration-software, Autoguider-port and DSLR-controlling)
MC3-UmiProHB 1 499,-€
UrsaMinor MC3 controller with UrsaMinorPRO GoTo Planetariumsoftware and UrsaMinor Handcontrol (incl. Configuration-software, Autoguider-port and DSLR-controlling)
Books, Charts, Software
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Ursa Minor planetarium software, Pro version (limiting magnitude 18, GoTo procol NexStar4, CAM, HEQ5, EQ6, LX200, Gemini42, without cable)
Power supply and electronic parts
Stab30V5A 99,-€
Stabilized adjustable power supply (1-30V and 0.1-5A)
MC3Kab 29,-€
Power Cable for MC3 (12V-30V crocodile clip, silicon-cable)
MC3FornaxKab 29,-€
Motor Cable between MC3 and Fornax52/102/152 (silicon-cable)
MC3MotorKab 21,-€
Individual silicon motor cable for MC3, without motor-plug
KabelEOS-1 15,-€
EOS-1 Cable for MGEN or UrsaMinor Intarface (f.e. for EOS450)
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EOS-2 Cable for MGEN or UrsaMinor Intarface (f.e. for EOS-5D)
MGEN 567,-€
Lacerta MGEN-II Superguider (Autoguider Camera with remote and stand alone functions)

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