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EQ6BUmi EQ6 Pro - BT combined GoTo and autoguider interface with Bluetooth connectivity (for use without hand controller) for Ursa Minor software
Lacerta EQ6BUmi UrsaMinor UrsaMinor
Category: interface
Controlling: computer
Capacity: x
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99,-€ Kosárba

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UrsaMinor Autoguider Interface(montz-blt-hu)

UrsaMinor Autoguider Interface

UrsaMinor Autoguider Interface

UrsaMinor Autoguider Interface

Most of the new laptops have built-in bluetooth radio. The olders can be easily upgraded with USB port Bluetooth modules. With bluetooth connection we can control our telescope mout without wires. This bluetooth interface compatible with Skywatcher Autotracking and Merlin mounts. Just put this module into the handcontroller socket of the mount, and your mount will be ready to controlled wirelessly. The operation with the Ursa Minor Planetarium program is similar as the connection made by wire.

On the module, there is a reset button and a status led. The led can indicate the following states of the connection:
The module is not powered. Please check the power connections of the mount!
Fast blinking (2Hz)
The module is not paired to any computer. In this case it does not accept connections, but it is ready to be discovered by a computer.
Slow blinking (1Hz)
The module is paired with a computer. It is ready to accept connections. If you press the reset button, the module will forget the pairing, and comes back to unpaired state (fast blinking).
Continuous lighting
Connection established with a computer. It indicates that a program (typically the Ursa Minor Skytour or Pro) built the connection to control the telescope.

YouTube Link:

UrsaMinor Autoguider Interface

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